Student Experiences

Below are selected NAEP science survey questionnaire results. These results describe students’ learning experiences, including time spent on science instruction (grades 4 and 8 only); participation in scientific inquiry-related classroom activities; availability of resources for science instruction (grades 4 and 8 only); students’ interest in and enjoyment of science (grades 8 and 12 only); science coursetaking (grade 12 only), and students’ interest in a science career (grade 12 only).

NAEP survey questionnaire responses provide additional information for understanding NAEP performance results. Although comparisons in students’ performance are made based on student, teacher, and school characteristics and educational experiences, these results cannot be used to establish a cause-and-effect relationship between the characteristics or experiences and student achievement. NAEP is not designed to identify the causes of performance differences. There are many factors that may influence average student achievement, including local educational policies and practices, the quality of teachers, and available resources. Such factors may change over time and vary among student groups; therefore, results must be interpreted with caution.

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