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NOTE: DoDEA = Department of Defense Education Activity (overseas and domestic schools). Year shown with achievement-level results is the most recent assessment year in that grade and subject combination. Not all assessments are administered at all grades. For more information on each subject, click on the report of interest in the menu at​ the top of this page under the report tab.​​​ Base year indicates the first assessment year in that grade and subject combination.

Most Recent Results in Arts: Music
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Most Recent Results in Arts: Visual Arts
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Most Recent Results in Economics
Most Recent Results in Technology & Engineering Literacy
Most Recent Results in Arts: Music
Most Recent Results in Arts: Visual Arts
Most Recent Trend Results in Economics
Most Recent Trend Results in Technology & Engineering Literacy

The Nation's Report Card

is the largest ongoing assessment of what U.S. students know and can do.


Achievement Gaps Dashboard

Generate achievement gap results for the nation, states, and districts across all NAEP subjects to see how gaps between selected student groups have changed over the years.


National Indian Education Study: A Closer Look is now available

Students taking test

The latest NIES report takes a closer look at how American Indian/Alaska Native students see themselves in terms of their Native languages and culture. This companion to the 2015 NIES report also discusses student engagement at school and expectations for the future.

Results from the NAEP Technology & Engineering Literacy (TEL) assessment are here!

Andromeda Galaxy

TEL was a fully digitally based assessment that asked students to solve real-world technology and engineering problems.

Results from the assessment at grade 8 show that

  • students scored higher in 2018 than in 2014,
  • middle- and higher-performing students scored higher than in 2014, and
  • female students continued to score higher than their male peers.

See Highlights from the 2018 TEL Report Card.

Upcoming Reports

  • Survey Questionnaires Results: Classroom Instruction for Mathematics, Reading, and Science
  • 2018 Civics, Geography, and U.S. History
2017 Digitally Based Assessments

Experience the mathematics and reading assessments as students did.

Mathematics Grade 4 Grade 8 Reading Grade 4 Grade 8

To view these questions, you will need to use Chrome (48 or higher). The questions are best viewed at a zoom of 67 percent.

Explore the 2017 Reading Time-Lapse Video

Digitally based assessments enable NAEP to report on actions students took to answer questions. See time-lapse visualizations of how students spent the assessment time while reading passages and responding to questions during the 2017 reading assessment.

Image of a time-lapse visualization from the NAEP 2017 Reading Report Card showing how students spent their time reading and responding to a story. Four pages are listed horizontally at the top of the image and each page has a cluster of blue dots beneath it, with the largest cluster beneath page two. At the bottom of the image, the numbers one through ten are listed horizontally, which represent the ten questions students answered during this particular portion of the assessment. There are a few blue dots clustered around numbers one through six and also number 8, but none around numbers seven, nine, and ten. The blue dots represent 600 randomly selected students who took the 2017 reading assessment.

Survey Questionnaire Results: Students’ Computer Access and Use now available

This report examines fourth-, eighth-, and twelfth-grade students’ access to computers and their use of computers for classroom learning using survey data from the NAEP 2015 mathematics and reading assessments.

Public, Private, and Charter Schools Dashboard now available

Explore the latest national results in all NAEP subjects for students attending public, charter, private, and Catholic schools. Results also include percentages of student groups and students' educational experiences by the type of school they attend.

Explore State/District Comparison Results for the 2017 Math and Reading Assessments

Compare a state’s or district’s score to that of other states or districts in 2017.

NAEP Tools — Dig Deeper Into The NAEP Results

Find key data about your state.

State Profiles

Explore reports for districts that participate in the Trial Urban District Assessments (TUDA).

District Profiles

See which questions students are likely to be able to answer correctly at each achievement level.

Item Maps
Survey Questionnaire Results: Student Views of Mathematics, Reading, and Science

Read about students’ views of these subjects using survey data from the NAEP 2015 assessments.

Image of a pale blue map of the United States with dark blue male and female icons layered over it.
Focus On NAEP: Sampling For NAEP Assessments

Learn how NAEP selects schools and students for NAEP assessments.