Data Profiles Custom Reports Item Maps Questions Tool
Use the State Profiles tool to find key data about your state and see tables and maps that compare the results of states/jurisdictions. 

Results for districts that 
participate in the Trial Urban District Assessment 
are available in the District Profiles tool.

Use the NAEP Data Explorer (NDE) to explore assessment results for various subjects, grades, and jurisdictions. The NDE allows you to create custom statistical tables, graphics, and maps using NAEP data.

The NDE lets you create an 
account and save reports, copy and edit existing reports, and save, share, or export statistical tests and charts.


Find out what it means for 
students to perform at Basic
Proficient, or Advanced 
achievement levels by exploring the NAEP Item Maps. Question descriptions are placed on the NAEP scale for each subject and help indicate which questions students performing at a 
particular score point are likely to be able to answer.

Explore thousands of released questions from the NAEP 
assessments, and see actual 
scoring guides, student 
responses, and scoring 
commentary. Try answering some of the questions or creating sample assessments for your classroom.


Are you interested in obtaining NAEP results in a machine-readable format? Do you create your own data visualizations or use other tools for data analytics?

You can directly query the NAEP Results API to acquire JSON of the same results available in the NAEP Data Explorer. Read this document to get started
and learn how to construct queries.