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Geography Sample Questions

The geography assessment measures students' geography knowledge and skills that are important for students to be competent and knowledgeable 21st century citizens. As specified in the NAEP geography framework, assessment questions address what students know and can do in three geography content areas: Space and Place, Environment and Society, and Spatial Dynamics and Connections. Its purpose is to provide a measure of students’ knowledge, understanding, and application of geography’s content and perspectives. Learn more about the NAEP geography assessment.

Grade 8 Sample Questions

Samples of released geography questions from the 2018 assessment, including how students performed on them, are presented below. Each example contains a brief description of the question, the format type (selected response or constructed response), and the geographic content area (Space and Place, Environment and Society, and Spatial Dynamics and Connections) that the question measures. The percentage of students who answered a selected-response question correctly or who received full credit for their answer to a constructed-response question is also displayed.

Use photo to explain human adaptation to climate
Extended constructed response
Environment and Society
4% Complete
Identify characteristics on a climate graph
Selected response
Space and Place
43% Correct
Locate major cities on a map
Selected response
Space and Place
26% Complete
Discuss impacts of urbanization
Short constructed response
Spatial Dynamics and Connections
8% Complete

Experience the Geography Assessment

Experience the geography digitally based assessment as students did and try sample test questions administered in 2018.

Try geography questions

A complete list of released questions from the geography assessments is available in the NAEP Questions Tool.

To view these questions in eNAEP, you will need to use Chrome (48 or higher). The questions are best viewed at a zoom of 67 percent. Please note that these questions may take a few minutes to load.

Geography Item Maps

One way to understand the NAEP geography scale is by seeing the types of questions that students performing at different points on the scale are likely to answer correctly. See the geography item map with examples of questions that reflect the geography skills demonstrated by students performing at different points on the geography scale within the score range for each achievement level.