District Student Group Scores and Score Gaps

Student Group Score Trends
Explore trends in average scores for selected student groups

Use the drop-down menu to select a Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA) district and click on a student group thumbnail to see average mathematics scores for fourth-grade public school students over time in the selected district.

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Trend in NAEP mathematics average scores for fourth-grade public school students in Albuquerque, by selected student groups

Size of District Score Gaps
Examine the magnitude of student group score gaps

See how the score differences between student groups for public school students in a TUDA district compare to large city public schools nationally and the nation’s public schools overall. Use the drop-down menus to select student groups to compare. Sort the columns by clicking on the arrows in the headers. Click on the Show arrow in each district row to view trend results for the selected gap in that district.

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Average scores and score gaps in NAEP mathematics for fourth-grade public school students, by race/ethnicity and district/jurisdiction: 2017

Group Population Percentages
Demographic changes in student populations

Use the drop-down menus to select a Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA) district and a student group to view changes in the percentage distribution for that group over time.

Read about changes in NAEP's reporting for racial/ethnic groups.

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Additional District Resources

District Profiles Tool

See how a district performed over time, view a district's demographics and school characteristics, download snapshot reports, and compare each district's overall performance to performance nationwide or in other districts.

District Snapshots

Download a one-page report containing key findings and trends in a condensed format. Reports contain overall student results, bar charts showing NAEP achievement levels, and tables displaying results by key reporting groups.