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What questions are used in the NAEP economics assessment?

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Question 1


Number of
Total Revenue
per Day
1 $200
2 $320
3 $400
4 $460


Assume that the daily wage of a worker at Dara's Shop is $100 and that labor is the only cost of production at the shop. To earn the largest profit, how many workers should Dara hire?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4


Question 2


Image of a line graph titled Digital Camera Market. The X axis is labeled - quantity in thousands - and is marked from zero to 400 in increments of 100.  The Y axis is labeled - price in dollars - and is marked from zero to 500 in increments of 100. On the graph, a line labeled - supply - extends from point marked at 45 X and 200 Y to a point marked at approximately 280 X and 500 Y. A second line, labeled - demand, - extends from a point marked at 100 X and 500 Y to a point marked at 400 X and 200 Y. The two lines intersect at the point 200 X and 400 Y.  

According to the graph above, which of the following is the equilibrium price for digital cameras?

A. $200
B. $300
C. $400
D. $500


Question 3


Which of the following actions can the Federal Reserve take to reduce inflationary pressures in the United States?

A. Increase government spending
B. Increase the money supply
C. Increase interest rates
D. Increase taxes


Question 4


A high rate of unemployment that lasts for several years has economic costs for a nation. What are two of these economic costs?






Question 5


Suppose that the value of the Japanese yen declines relative to the United States dollar in foreign exchange markets. United States exports to Japan and United States imports from Japan are most likely to change in which of the following ways?

  United States Exports
to Japan
United States Imports
from Japan
 A. Increase Increase
 B. Increase Decrease
 C. Decrease Increase
 D. Decrease Decrease


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