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  • View performance by various student groups, including gender and race/ethnicity, within each of the three specific content areas that make up the economics assessment. The percentage of total time students spent answering questions in each content area is shown in parentheses after each description below.
  • Below each figure, click the button for "chart options" to see the data displayed in other chart formats.
  • Statistical tests are conducted to determine whether the changes or differences between two result numbers are statistically significant. To conduct a significance test using the NAEP Data Explorer, click on the link under each table below.

  • Market economy—addresses how individuals and businesses make economic choices as buyers and sellers in the marketplace (45 percent).
  • National economy—examines the overall conditions in the U.S. economy (40 percent).
  • International economy—explores how national economies interact with one another (15 percent).

Find out more about what the assessment measures, and see sample questions from each of the content areas.