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Persuasive writing at grade 12

 Grade 8
Grade 12

The table below shows the percentage of twelfth-graders within each achievement level whose responses were rated as "Excellent." For example, 15 percent of students performing at the Proficient level were able to write well-organized essays in which they took clear positions and consistently supported those positions, using transitions to lead the reader from one part of the essay to another. These students also consistently varied their sentence structure and made good word choices, doing so with minimal errors.

See additional student responses and the scoring criteria used for this writing prompt in the NAEP Questions Tool. See an illustration of each rating level plotted on the NAEP scale in the writing item maps.

Percentage rated as "Excellent" for twelfth-graders at each achievement level
in 2007


 Below Basic

 At Basic

 At Proficient

 At Advanced






# Rounds to zero.
‡ Reporting standards not met. Sample size is insufficient to permit a reliable estimate.

The response shown below was rated "Excellent" because it is focused and well-organized. The position that the larger inventions are more important in the student’s life is clearly stated and consistently supported. The response begins with a well-developed section about the utility of the internet and then moves into an argument about the convenience and environmental virtues of fuel-efficient cars. The response uses contrast effectively to make its point ("Once, a student had to spend hours searching through books for a research paper. Now it takes..."), and demonstrates consistently varied sentence structure and good word choices. Errors are minimal.

 Written response. Although many twentieth century inventions have been small items, the larger inventions, such as the internet and feul-efficient vehicles, play a more important role in my life. The internet has opened up a world of educational research, stress relaxing games, and the ability to keep in touch with far away friends, or make new friends From other countries. Once a student had to spend hours searching through books for a research paper. Now it takes only minutes to acess a hundred thousand credible websites on any given subject. The internet has unleashed endless possibilities, both social and educational. Automobiles have been around for a very long time. Recently, however, advances in automobile technology have sky rocketed, and made life much easier for myself and others. More fuel efficient cars mean that I can fill my tank less often, and drive farther using less fuel. With gas climbing to incredible prices and many students working for minimum wage, fuel lefficient cars are a Financial blessing. Not only are cars more fuel efficient these days, they are also cleaner. The environment is a major concern for my generation, so stiffer emissions and inspections and the new Hybrid cars that don't run on Fossil Feuls are an important invention, both for me and for the environment. While smaller inventions are important in their own ways, it's the larger inventions that preside over my daily life. Without the internet or safer, cleaner, less expensive vehicles, life would be much more difficult.

Read more information about what the writing assessment measures.

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 2007 Writing Assessment.

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