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Persuasive writing at grade 12

 Grade 8
Grade 12

The table below shows the percentage of twelfth-graders within each achievement level whose responses were rated as "Uneven" or higher. For example, 93 percent of students performing at the Basic level were able to, at least, write essays that took a clear position, even if support for that position was inconsistently developed, repetitive, or sometimes exhibited sentence, word choice, or other errors that could interfere with reader understanding.

See additional student responses and the scoring criteria used for this writing prompt in the NAEP Questions Tool. See an illustration of each rating level plotted on the NAEP scale in the writing item maps.

Percentage rated as "Uneven" or higher for twelfth-graders at each achievement level
in 2007


 Below Basic

 At Basic

 At Proficient

 At Advanced






‡ Reporting standards not met. Sample size is insufficient to permit a reliable estimate.

The response shown below was rated "Uneven" because, while it takes a clear position, its attempt to support that position is uneven in terms of development and organization. The response offers only minimal support for the idea that the small inventions are more important ("I write everyday and listen to music."), moves immediately into a tangentially related argument about how bigger inventions make people lazy, and concludes with a new and undeveloped idea about computer use. Further, grammatical errors, such as misused prepositions ("on my personal daily life") and lack of subject-verb agreement, sometimes interfere with comprehension.

 Written response. Throught the 20th century many inventions have been given to us. Some big like the microwave, television, and computer and some small like the pen, calculator and headphones. The ones that affect me mostly on my personal daily life basis would be the small ones. I write everyday and listen to music. In my opinion the the larger inventions are what has made people so lazy. Instead of going outside they stay at home and watch the television. Instead of cooking meals they just pop something in the microwave. I usually go to the library to do research. I don't think computers that necesarry. So in my life it's the small objects that are necessargy not the big ones.

Read more information about what the writing assessment measures.

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 2007 Writing Assessment.

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