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Informative writing at grade 8

Grade 8
 Grade 12

The table below shows the percentage of eighth-graders within each achievement level whose responses were rated as "Uneven" or higher. For example, 95 percent of students performing at the Basic level were able to, at least, write essays that presented some clear information, even if that information was presented in an unevenly organized way, was inconsistently developed, or sometimes exhibited sentence, word choice, or other errors that could interfere with reader understanding.

See additional student responses and the scoring criteria used for this writing prompt in the NAEP Questions Tool. See an illustration of each rating level plotted on the NAEP scale in the writing item maps.

Percentage rated as "Uneven" or higher for eighth-graders at each achievement level
in 2007


 Below Basic

 At Basic

 At Proficient

 At Advanced






The response shown below was rated "Uneven" because, while it does convey some clear information, it also demonstrates a lack of development and breakdowns in organization, moving quickly from thought to thought with little, if any, elaboration: "Everyone at my school has a packback. I’m going to tell you what a backpack is." Control over sentence boundaries and structure is uneven, at times present, at other times absent: "You will put paper, folders, pens, pencils, books, and more." There are also numerous errors in punctuation, spelling, and usage, some of which may require a reader to hesitate and puzzle over meaning, such as the consistently incorrect use of apostrophes ("for big kid’s").

 Written response. Dear: Rina How are doing? Im great. Everyone at my school has a packback. I'm going to tell you what a backpack is. A backpack is like a purse except you put it in your back. Their's some for like kid's and some for big kid's. you need one for the big kids. in it you would put your school stuff. Some have lot's of pocket's, and some have very little. You will put paper, folders, pens, pencil's, book's, and more. Like you the stuff you used to take to youre school, you will have all that but in a back pack. Hope you get a nice backpack. Nice to meet you. Sencirly:

Read more information about what the writing assessment measures.

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 2007 Writing Assessment.

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