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Resources for Researchers

Build Custom Tables

Do you have questions about what the nation's students know and can do? With the NAEP Data Explorer (NDE) you can create statistical tables, charts, and maps to help you find answers. Explore the results of decades of assessment of students' academic performance, as well as information about factors that may be related to their learning.

Technical Documentation

Technical documentation is available to provide information on the procedures and methods used as part of the NAEP program. This section of the website is organized by topic (from Instruments through Analysis and Scaling) with subtopics, including information specific to a particular assessment.

Research Support

NAEP offers training and seminars throughout the year for various users of NAEP information and data. In addition, many conferences schedule NAEP-related presentations and discussions. Find out about these events, and see more information about doing research with NAEP data.

NAEP e-Library

This centralized resource provides access to reports and working papers on NAEP special studies and technical issues. Included here are links to the assessment schedule and assessment history, field manuals, older questionnaires, and a history of NAEP contracts. This e-Library serves as an archive, so material is added regularly.

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NAEP Data Tools 

Explore more results and information using applications developed specifically for NAEP.

Information for Inclusion  

The NAEP program has always endeavored to assess all students with disabilities (SD) and/or English language learners (ELL). Learn more.


Browse tables on the rate of exclusion for each assessment: