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2009 High School Transcript Study

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About Course Types

The High School Transcript Study reports credits earned for three types of courses: core academic, other academic, and other courses. Core academic courses are English, mathematics, science, and social studies; Other academic courses are fine arts, foreign languages, and computer-related studies; and Other courses are courses such as vocational education, personal health, and physical education.

About Curriculum Levels

Curriculum levels are a measure of a high school graduate's overall academic achievement. They measure how well a graduate may be prepared for postsecondary education based on the number and type of academic courses taken. The levels used in this report are a modified version of the ones created by Laura Horn and Lawrence K. Kojaku in their report High School Academic Curriculum and the Persistence Path Through College (NCES 2001-163). Definitions of the three levels - standard, midlevel, and rigorous - can be found here.

Mathematics Curriculum Study

The Mathematics Curriculum Study (MCS) is a special study that provides additional contextual data to the HSTS 2005 study by linking the textbook materials to the courses. This link may provide a better understanding of the content and challenge that graduates were exposed to in algebra I and geometry. The MCS report will be released soon.