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Create your own test

Use released NAEP questions, available in the NAEP Questions Tool, to create a test.  Select a subject and choose items appropriate for what you are teaching.  You can also print or download your items with the answers and sample student responses.

Test yourself

Try sample NAEP Questions in a variety of subjects for yourself.  At the end of the quiz, see how students across the nation performed.

See what students know

The NAEP item maps illustrate the knowledge and skills demonstrated by students performing at different scale scores on each assessment. Click the question links in the item map to see the complete item, scoring guide, student responses, and information on how students nationwide or in your state performed.

Browse content frameworks

Each NAEP assessment is built from a content framework that serves as a blueprint, specifying what should be assessed. The National Assessment Governing Board, which sets NAEP policy, also develops the frameworks for the assessment.

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Teaching and Learning  

Explore information on the instructional factors related to your students' education in the following subject areas:

Learn More About NAEP 

The NAEP website features a number of applications designed to give users quick and easy access to questions from previous assessments, performance comparisons, and NAEP assessment data for quick or complex analyses.

Interactive Computer Tasks 

Interactive computer tasks (ICTs) are one part of an innovative science assessment that required students to solve scientific problems in a computer-based environment, often by simulating a natural or laboratory setting.

Test yourself on all nine ICT tasks.

Hands-On Tasks 

Hands-On Tasks (HOTs) provided students an opportunity to demonstrate how well they are able to plan and conduct scientific investigations.

Watch Maintaining Water Systems. See highlights of students taking the task. Duration: 4.5 minutes.  ​​