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Exploring results for specific student groups provides additional context for the overall Mega-State results. The tables below show a comparison between public schools nationally and the five Mega-States.

The tables can be re-sorted to make additional comparisons, as follows:

  • Click on any "sort" button to order the Mega-States and the nation numerically by the data in that column.
  • Click on a jurisdiction to see how other jurisdictions compare in terms of statistical significance.
Grade 4
Grade 8

  Students from city schools in Florida scored higher than their peers attending city schools in the nation in 2011.

Average scale scores for fourth-graders in NAEP reading, by jurisdiction and type of school location: 2007 and 2011

> Score is higher or gap is wider than selected jurisdiction
< Score is lower or gap is narrower than selected jurisdiction
X Not significantly different from selected jurisdiction