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Mathematics Student Groups


Exploring results for specific student groups provides additional context for the overall Mega-State results. The tables below show a comparison between public schools nationally and the five Mega-States.

The tables can be re-sorted to make additional comparisons, as follows:

  • Click on any "sort" button to order the Mega-States and the nation numerically by the data in that column.
  • Click on a jurisdiction to see how other jurisdictions compare in terms of statistical significance.

Grade 4
Grade 8

  Compared to their peers in the nation in 2011, English language learners (ELL) in Texas scored higher and those in California and New York scored lower.

Average scale scores for fourth-grade students in NAEP mathematics, by English language learner status and jurisdiction: 2003 and 2011

> Score is higher or gap is wider than selected jurisdiction
< Score is lower or gap is narrower than selected jurisdiction
X Not significantly different from selected jurisdiction