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Test Yourself: Grade 4

Grade 4 Sample Questions page graphic

The following questions were included in the 2006 NAEP U.S. History assessment at grade 4. As in the actual assessment, some of the questions are multiple choice, and others are constructed response. Although students are asked to handwrite their responses, you can type yours in the space provided.

INSTRUCTIONS: Answer the questions below, then click submit at the bottom of the page.

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Question 1: Four events are listed below.

A. Colonists meet in Philadelphia and declare independence.
B. Roanoke Island is settled by English settlers.
C. George Washington becomes the first President.
D. English Parliament passes Stamp Act.

Write the letters that are next to the four events in the circles on the time line below in the order that the events happened, from earliest to latest. Be sure that you put only one letter in each circle.

Earliest  arrow pointing to earliest time   —   —   —   arrow pointing to earliest time Latest


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Question 2: In 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. led a big march on Washington, D.C. called the March for Jobs and Freedom. Write down two other things that the people who marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted. Do not write “jobs” or “freedom.”



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Question 3: The following question refers to the picture below.

This a color picture of a home carved into cliff.

The Sinaguan people most likely built their homes in the cliffs because


they did not know how to build other kinds of homes 


cliffs formed a natural barrier against enemies and the elements of nature


it is easier to build on cliffs than in valleys


cliffs offer a better view of the area

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Question 4:

Black and white photo of women suffragists seated together, holding political signs and American flags.

The women in the photograph above were suffragists. Suffragists believed that women should


not work outside the home


wear long skirts


all be Republicans


have the right to vote


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