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What questions are used in the NAEP reading assessment?

Explore sample questions from the reading assessment, and see how the NAEP reading questions relate to student performance.


Test Yourself in Reading

Select one of the grade tabs below to try out questions from the 2011 NAEP reading assessment. After answering all the questions, select "submit" and compare your answers to those of students who took the assessment. Click on the annotated passage to gain insight into the reading passage and the questions associated with it.

Grade 4
Grade 8


 Grade 4 Sample Questions

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Question 1


These paragraphs are from the first part of the story:

I enter the gym and take a deep breath.

It smells like old sweat socks and the stuff
they use to wash wrestling mats.

I love that smell. Weird, huh? Not to me.

What do these paragraphs help show about Daisy?

 A. She needs to learn how to wrestle.
 B. She enjoys different sports.
 C. She does not listen to other people.
 D. She enjoys being a wrestler.


Question 2


According to the story, why was it natural for Daisy to be interested in wrestling?

 A. Her father and her brothers wrestled.
 B. Her coach at school encouraged her to wrestle.
 C. She had seen wrestling matches on television.
 D. Many of her friends were on the wrestling team.


Question 3


At the beginning of the story, when some of the boys point and laugh at Daisy, she thinks, "We'll see about that." What does this tell you about Daisy?


Question 4


According to the story, why was the move to California difficult for Daisy?


Question 5


On page 3, Daisy says that boys with muscles always underestimate her. This means that the boys

 A. think Daisy is not very smart
 B. think they can beat Daisy
 C. feel sorry for Daisy
 D. make fun of Daisy


Question 6


6. How is the first boy Daisy wrestles different from the last boy she wrestles? Support your answer with information from the story.


Question 7


What is the main way the author shows us how Daisy feels?

 A. He uses pictures to tell her story.
 B. He tells what other people say about her.
 C. He tells what she is thinking.
 D. He describes the way she wrestles.


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