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Sample questions in mathematics

 Grade 4
Grade 8
Test Yourself...then see how students responded to the same questions on NAEP.

This sample question measures eighth-graders' understanding of algebra.

The percentages below indicate how students performed on the question. In addition to the overall percentage of students who answered the question correctly, the percentage of students at each achievement level who answered the question correctly is presented.

As an example of how to interpret these percentages, 54 percent of the students overall answered this question correctly. When only the students in the Proficient category are considered, 86 percent answered correctly.

Grade 4 Multiple-Choice question. National percentage correct in 2007. 54% of all students answered this multiple-choice question correctly. By achievement level, 22% of students Below Basic answered this question correctly; 46% of students at Basic answered this question correctly; 86% of students at Proficient answered this question correctly; 98% of students at Advanced answered this question correctly. A chart states the following information: On Monday, 4 were sold for $2.00; On Tuesday, 0 were sold for $0.00; On Wednesday, 5 were sold for $2.50; On Thursday, 2 were sold for $1.00; On Friday, 3 were sold for $1.50; On Saturday, 6 were sold for $3.00. The sample question is as follows: Angela makes and sells special-occasion greeting cards. The table above shows the relationship between the number of cards sold and her profit. Based on the data in the table, which of the following equations shows how the number of cards sold and profit (in dollars) are related? a) p=2n, b) p=0.5n, c) p=n-2, d) p=6-n, and e) p=n+1. The correct answer is b.

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View this question, at score 301, on a map of NAEP mathematics items.

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 2007 Mathematics Assessment.

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