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The Nation's Report Card

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New Release. U.S. History Report Card. 

Index page graphics with historical figures Martin Luther King Jr., Cesar Chavez, Patsy Mink, Chief Joseph and Amelia Earhart.

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U.S. history top stories: Major findings about students' knowledge in U.S. history in 2006.

  • Fourth-grade average scores were higher in 2006 than in 2001 and 1994 with 70 percent of students performing at or above the Basic level.
  • Eighth- and twelfth-grade average scores were higher in 2006 than in 1994 and 2001.
  • White, Black, and Hispanic students showed increases in their average scores at all three grades in 2006 compared to 1994. 
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Do you know: Find out how students answered specific questions on the U.S. history assessment by taking the following quiz.


Question 1: How many fourth-graders could explain why breadlines were common during the Depression?
A) Almost one-quarter
B) Almost one-half
C) Almost two-thirds
D) Almost three-quarters

Question 2: How many fourth-graders could identify the purpose of the Underground Railroad?
A) Almost one-quarter
B) Almost one-half
C) Almost three-quarters
D) Almost all

Question 3: How many eighth-graders could accurately identify Abraham Lincoln's position
on slavery?
A) About one-tenth
B) About one-third
C) About two-thirds
D) About three-quarters

Question 4: How many eighth-graders were able to identify the time period in which the Vietnam War was fought?
A) About one-quarter
B) About one-half
C) About three-quarters
D) Nearly all

Question 5: What percentage of twelfth-graders could identify the movement lead by Susan B. Anthony?
A) 51 percent
B) 61 percent
C) 71 percent
D) 81 percent

Question 6: How many twelfth-graders could identify the impact of the Anti-Federalists on the U.S. Constitution?
A) About one-third
B) About two-thirds
C) About three-quarters
D) Nearly all

Answers: Question 1) B, Question 2) B, Question 3) C, Question 4) C, Question 5) D, and 
Question 6) B.

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More about U.S. history: Learn what the U.S. history assessment measures.


In a democratic country such as the United States, the study of history is vital. The NAEP U.S. history assessment is designed to evaluate students' understanding of the development of the democratic institutions and ideals necessary for students to take part knowledgeably, as citizens and voters, in shaping America's future. The assessment was administered to students at grades 4, 8, and 12 throughout the nation.


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Download the U.S. History Report Download the U.S. History Report