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New Release! 2007 TUDA Mathematics 

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Trial Urban District Assessment in Mathematics Top Stories

  • Average mathematics scores increased between 2005 and 2007 in 4 of 11 districts at grade 4 and 6 of 11 districts at grade 8.
  • The average scores for students from lower-income families increased between 2003 and 2007 in 8 of the 10 participating districts at both grades 4 and 8.
  • Students in six districts scored comparably or higher than those in large central city schools nationally at both grades 4 and 8.

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Do you know: Find out how students answered specific questions on the TUDA Mathematics assessment by taking the following quiz.


Question 1: How many fourth-graders in large central cities could complete a bar graph?
A) About one-quarter
B) About one-half
C) About three-quarters
D) All of them

Question 2: What percentage of fourth-graders in large central cities could find a figure that has the same perimeter as a given figure?
A) About 30%
B) About 50%
C) About 60%
D) All of them

Question 3: How many eighth-graders in large central cities could solve an algebraic equation?
A) More than 30%
B) More than 50%
C) More than 70%
D) More than 80%

Question 4: What percentage of eighth-graders in large central cities could identify an isosceles triangle?
A) About 40%
B) About 50%
C) About 60%
D) About 70%

Answers: Question 1) C, Question 2) A, Question 3) C, and 4) Question A.


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More about TUDA Mathematics: Find out more details about the TUDA Mathematics assessment.

The NAEP Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA) is designed to explore the feasibility of using NAEP to report on the performance of fourth- and eighth-grade public school students at the district level. Eleven urban districts participated in the third TUDA in mathematics in 2007. Students from these districts took the same assessment as those students sampled nationally for the main NAEP mathematics assessment, and their data were included as part of the national and state results presented in other 2007 NAEP reports.


Download TUDA Mathematics Report Card Download TUDA Mathematics Report Card