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Classroom Context: Drafting and Revising with Computers

As part of the 2011 writing assessment, twelfth-graders were asked how often during the school year they use a computer to make changes to a paper or report (e.g., spell-check or cut and paste). The full text of the question, and percentage of students who responded in each category are below.

For school this year, how often do you use each of the following when you write a paper or report?

Use a computer to make changes to the paper or report (for example, spell-check or cut and paste)
A. Never or hardly ever
B. Sometimes
C. Very often
D. Always or almost always

Grade 8
Grade 12

A higher percentage of female students than male students reported always or almost always using a computer to edit a report or paper. Use the tabs below to view the percentages by the student groups shown. Click chart options below the chart to explore average scores or make comparisons of your choice.