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District Comparisons
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Cross-District Comparisons by Average Mathematics Scores and Percentages at or Above Basic and Proficient at Grades 4 and 8

Instructions for reading the figure below:

To explore the district comparison figures for average scores and percentages of students performing at or above Basic and Proficient in each district to those in the nation, in public schools in large central cities, and in each other district.

  • Read across the row corresponding to a district listed to the left of any of the charts.
  • Match the shading to the chart’s key to determine whether the average score (or percentage at or above Basic or Proficient) of this district was found to be higher than, not significantly different from, or lower than the district in the column heading.
  • In addition, the direction of the arrowheads in the comparison cells indicates whether the district in the row is significantly higher than (up arrow), lower than (down arrow), or not different from (blank cell) the district in the column heading.
Overall cross-district comparisons of average mathematics scale scores, grade 4 public schools: 2005

Overall cross-district comparisons of average mathematics scale scores, grade 4 public schools: 2005

DATA: View complete data with standard errors for scale scores in districts and the nation or large central cities.

Learn more about the NAEP reporting groups on the NAEP website.

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