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Grade 8 Interactive Computer Task Bottling Honey: 20 minutes


EIGHTH-GRADERS CAN DO EXPERIMENTS BUT STRUGGLE TO EXPLAIN THEIR RESULTS Take the Bottling Honey Task. See your answers, get scoring materials, and more! This task takes 20 minutes.

Exemplifying the richness of the ICT assessment, the series of investigations included in “Bottling Honey” measured both science content and practice. In this task, students conducted simulated investigations of the effect of temperature on the flow of liquids, beginning with simple experiments and progressing to more complex ones. Based on the results shown below, students demonstrated the ability to design experiments and gather appropriate data, but had more difficulty when required to explain their findings.

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    SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 2009 Science Assessment.