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View State Results for Students Overall and for Selected Student Groups

The figure below shows the average scale score and the percentage of students at each achievement level for all 44 states and the Department of Defense schools that volunteered to participate in the 2005 science assessment. The state results shown below are for public school students only, while national results presented elsewhere reflect the participation of public and private school students. 

The bar segments show what percentage of students falls within each achievement level. States are listed alphabetically. Roll your mouse over a state name to highlight its results. Use the tabs above the figure to see that state's data for each of the student groups listed. In addition, use the tabs on the graph to align the achievement-level percentages at Basic or at Proficient

To enlarge the graphic, right-click on the area of interest and select "zoom in" from the options menu.

Average eighth-grade NAEP science scores and percentage of Hispanic students in each achievement level in 2005, by state

# The estimate rounds to zero.
‡ Reporting standards not met. Sample size is insufficient to permit a reliable estimate.
1 Department of Defense Education Activity.
NOTE: Detail may not sum to totals because of rounding. The NAEP science scale ranges from 0 to 300. The shaded bars are graphed using unrounded numbers. View complete data with standard errors for grade 8 scale scoresgrade 8 achievement levels.

Learn more about the NAEP science assessment on the NAEP website. Specific information about state performance is available in the State Profiles tool.

View information about the percentages of students with disabilities and English language learners identified, excluded, and assessed at the state level.

Find out which states participated in the 2005 science assessment.

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