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Compare the Average Scale Scores in Your State to the Average in the Nation and in Other States

The map below allows comparisons between a particular state's average scale score and the average scale score of the nation or another state. Roll your mouse over a state to learn its score. By clicking on the map, you can select a focal jurisdiction and compare the average scale score in a particular state to that in other states. You can also view this map with a focus on one of the student groups listed in the tabs above the map.

Cross-state comparisons of average fourth-grade NAEP science scores in 2005

NOTE: View complete data with standard errors for grade 4.

See Help to download the SVG viewer to use this interactive map properly.

Learn more about the NAEP science assessment on the NAEP website. Specific information about state performance is available in the State Profiles tool.

View information about the percentages of students with disabilities and English language learners identified, excluded, and assessed at the state level.

Find out which states participated in the 2005 science assessment.

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