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Executive Summary: Mathematics Results for Grade 12

New score range set for mathematics

The 2005 mathematics assessment is based on a new framework. The assessment includes more questions on algebra, data analysis, and probability to reflect changes in high school mathematics standards and coursework. Even though many questions were repeated, results could not be placed on the old NAEP scale and could not be directly compared to previous years. The 12th-grade average in 2005 was set at 150 on a 0–300 point scale. More...

Image of a grade 12 student.

Sixty-one percent of high school seniors performed at or above the Basic level, and 23 percent performed at or above Proficient. Demonstrating the ability to use the Pythagorean Theorem to determine the length of a hypotenuse is an example of the skills and knowledge associated with performance at the Basic level. An example of the knowledge and skills associated with the Proficient level is using trigonometric ratios to determine length. More...

Asian/Pacific Islander students scored higher than students from other racial/ethnic groups, and White students scored higher than their Black and Hispanic counterparts. More...

Male students scored higher on average than female students overall and in the "number properties and operations" and "measurement and geometry" content areas. More...


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