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Average Scale Scores and Achievement-Level Results in Mathematics by Race/Ethnicity

  • In 2005, at both grades 4 and 8, White and Asian/Pacific Islander students scored higher, on average, than Black, Hispanic, and American Indian/Alaska Native students. Hispanic and American Indian/Alaska Native students scored higher on average than Black students.
  • White, Black, and Hispanic students at both grades 4 and 8 had higher average scores and higher percentages of students performing at or above Basic in 2005 than in 1990.
Achievement-level results in mathematics, by race/ethnicity, grade 4: Various years, 1990–2005
Achievement-level results in mathematics, by race/ethnicity, grade 4: Various years, 1990-2005
Significantly different from 2005.
1 Sample sizes were insufficient to permit reliable estimates for Asian/Pacific Islander students in 1990. Special analyses raised concern about the accuracy and precision of grade 4 Asian/Pacific Islander results in 2000. As a result, they are omitted from this report.
2 Sample sizes were insufficient to permit reliable estimates for American Indian/Alaska Native students in 1990, 1992, 1996, and 2000.
NOTE: The gray shaded boxes represent results based on administrations when accommodations were not permitted. View complete data with standard errors for grade 4

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