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Frequently Asked Questions

What tools are available to help me access data?

Visit the Downloads and Tools page for a full description of the tools available. The most powerful data analysis tool is the NAEP Data Explorer. Data are available in this tool as far back as 1990. A full description of the capabilities of the Explorer and a link to it are available on the Downloads and Tools page.

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Do I need permission to use the data in the NAEP Data Explorer?

No. The data in the NAEP Data Explorer are public-use data; however, users are cautioned and must agree not to use the tool to attempt to identify individual students.

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What data are available?

  • The NAEP Data Explorer contains data as far back as 1990 and can be used for a variety of research activities.
  • The NAEP program began assessing states in 1990. See the NAEP Schedule of Assessments to find out what was assessed in any given year.
  • Microlevel NAEP data in raw format are available for the purpose of secondary analysis. Your organization must apply for and receive a restricted-use data license from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). The instructions for applying for this license are available on the NAEP website. The license is intended to protect the confidentiality of individual students and schools. These restricted-use data are available beginning with the 1990 assessment.
  • Some sets of NAEP data from 1970 to 1980 are available online, in the form of "Booklet" files from the University of Michigan International Archive of Education (IAED) website. (Note: Select the NAEP link under "IV. Education Assessment.") Data may be downloaded after review and agreement to IAED's terms for downloading and using the data.
  • Results from the 1984, 1986, and 1988 assessments are currently available on data tapes for public use from Educational Testing Service. These results may be put onto CD-ROM in the near future. Please contact Taslima Rahman, 202-502-7316, to obtain more information.

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Do funding opportunities for the secondary analysis of data exist?

The Institute of Education Sciences invites applications each year to its grant program for secondary analyses of the nationally representative student data collected by The Nation's Report Card at grades 4, 8, and 12, and the NAEP High School Transcript Studies (HSTS).

Further information regarding this program and other services of particular interest to researchers is available on the NAEP website.

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Is training in NAEP data analysis available?

Yes. A number of training opportunities are available.

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Is information about the testing procedures used for the NAEP assessments available?

Yes. Technical information for the science assessment is available. The sampling, data collection, data analysis, and reporting procedures used as part of the NAEP program are described.

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