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Downloads & Tools

Explore a wealth of NAEP web-based tools and resources in this section. The tools described here will assist you in developing a greater knowledge of The Nation's Report Card. Through this section, you will be able to read about and access all of the resources described on this site.




Report Cards

Download The Nation's Report Card Trial Urban District Assessment in science. Adobe Reader will be required to download these reports in PDF format.

Sample Questions Booklets

Demonstration bookletSample questions booklets are intended to give the people who will be involved in the NAEP assessment an idea of what to expect. The booklets are given to participating schools so that teachers and the parents of participating students will be able to examine the types of questions the students will be answering.

The sample questions booklets contain many of the features in the actual test booklets, including instructions, sample subject area questions from previous NAEP assessments, and background questions.


Each year, the NAEP program publishes a number of interesting publications for various audiences. Two popular publications are

Assessment Procedures

The NAEP program, when developing and administering the assessments, uses complex procedures for sampling, data collection, data analysis, and reporting. This information is available through the following links:


Each NAEP assessment is built around an organizing framework, which is the blueprint that guides the development of the assessment instrument and determines the content to be assessed. The National Assessment Governing Board develops the NAEP frameworks. Select "publications" from the home page of the Governing Board's website to download a copy of the framework for the assessments discussed on this website.

Export NAEP Data

Use the Export NAEP Data tool to assemble the data presented on this site onto a single page for easy import into Microsoft Office applications.

NAEP Data Explorer

NAEP Data Explorer pageThe NAEP Data Explorer generates tables of results from all of the major national and state assessments since 1990. Users can choose tables, customize them to include desired cross-tabulations and types of statistics, perform tests to determine significant differences, display graphics, and move the resulting data into other applications like Word and Excel for use in reports or as the basis for additional analysis.

State Profiles

State Profiles mapsExplore State Profiles to find out more about your state's results. The State Profiles tool allows users to select a state and view NAEP scores alongside other contextual information gathered by the Department of Education.

NAEP Questions Tool

NAEP Questions Tool pageThe NAEP Questions Tool provides easy access to NAEP questions, sample student responses, and scoring guides that are released to the public. Both national and state data, when available, are presented.

Item Maps

After each assessment, NAEP content specialists create item maps to illustrate the knowledge and skills demonstrated by students performing at different average scale scores on the assessment. The web-based enhanced item maps allow users to view the maps and then explore released items contained on the maps in the NAEP Questions Tool, where the user can see performance data, student responses, scoring guides, and content classifications for the questions. Explore the science item map.

NAEP News Flash

NAEP News Flash is a service that sends news alerts about the Nation's Report Card directly to you via e-mail. You can sign up for the NAEP News Flash here. (Be sure to scroll down, check the box for NAEP, and then press "submit.")

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