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Test Yourself Sample Questions : Mathematics

The following questions were included in the 2005 NAEP mathematics assessment at grade 4. As in the actual assessment, some of the questions are multiple-choice, and others are open-ended constructed-response items. Although students are asked to hand-write their responses, you can type yours in the space provided.

INSTRUCTIONS: Answer the questions below.

Question 1: four sixths – one sixth =

A. 3
B. three sixths
C. three over zero
D. five sixths



Question 2: Which of these could be measured using a meter stick?

A. The length of a swimming pool
B. The temperature of the water in a swimming pool
C. The weight of the water in a swimming pool
D. The number of people in a swimming pool



Question 3: In the number pattern below, what number comes next?

3, 6, 5, 8, 7, 10, 9, ?



Question 4: A piece of metal in the shape of a rectangle was folded as shown below. In the figure on the right, the "?" symbol represents what length?

A 14 inch by 6 inch rectangle, and to its right the same rectangle folded along its length 11 inches from one end.


3 inches


6 inches


8 inches


11 inches



Click to submit your responses.


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