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Test Yourself Sample Questions: Mathematics

The following questions were included in the 2005 NAEP mathematics assessment at grade 8. As in the actual assessment, some of the questions are multiple-choice, and others are open-ended constructed-response items. Although students are asked to hand-write their responses, you can type yours in the space provided.

INSTRUCTIONS: Answer the questions below.

Question 1: In the equation y = 4x if the value of x is increased by 2, what is the effect on the value of y ?

A. It is 8 more than the original amount.
B. It is 6 more than the original amount.
C. It is 2 more than the original amount.
D. It is 16 times the original amount.
E. It is 8 times the original amount.



Question 2: There were 90 employees in a company last year. This year the number of employees increased by 10 percent. How many employees are in the company this year?













Question 3: How many of the angles in this triangle are smaller than a right angle?

image of a triangle

A. None
B. One
C. Two
D. Three



Question 4: The prices of gasoline in a certain region are $1.41, $1.36, $1.57, and $1.45 per gallon. What is the median price per gallon for gasoline in this region?

A. $1.41
B. $1.43
C. $1.44
D. $1.45



Question 5: Raynold had 31 baseball cards. He gave the cards to his friends. Six of his friends received 3 cards each. Seven of his friends received 1 card each. The rest received 2 cards each. How many of his friends received exactly 2 cards from Raynold?

Explain how you found your answer.



Click to submit your responses.


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