Percentile scores for grade 12 economics, by parental education level, from 2 questions and jurisdiction: 2012 and 2006
YearParental education level, from 2 questionsNational
10th percentileStandard Error25th percentileStandard Error50th percentileStandard Error75th percentileStandard Error90th percentileStandard Error
NOTE: The NAEP Economics scale ranges from 0 to 300. Some apparent differences between estimates may not be statistically significant. Analyze results with NAEP Data Explorer.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 2006 and 2012 Economics Assessments.
2012Did not finish high school95(1.6)115(4.5)137(3.7)156(2.5)172(1.7)
2012 Graduated high school97(1.2)119(2.0)142(0.9)162(1.4)179(1.2)
2012 Some education after high school113(1.9)133(0.8)152(1.0)169(1.3)183(0.8)
2012 Graduated college121(2.8)142(1.3)164(1.0)183(1.5)198(1.1)
2012 Unknown74(8.5)99(5.3)125(4.0)148(4.6)166(3.1)
2006Did not finish high school86(2.2)108(2.4)131(1.7)152(1.7)168(1.3)
2006 Graduated high school92(2.1)116(2.4)141(1.6)162(1.3)178(1.8)
2006 Some education after high school111(2.8)131(1.7)152(1.4)171(1.2)186(2.0)
2006 Graduated college117(1.1)141(1.2)163(1.0)182(1.1)198(0.9)
2006 Unknown69(6.6)94(4.1)118(4.1)143(4.1)165(1.6)